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Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Q 1 - Why do you offer one off cleans ?

A 1 - Sorry we no longer offer this to domestic customers.
These cleans are for people who don't need or want a regular bin cleaning service or moving out of a property and want to leave the bins cleaned for the next owners.

Q 2 - What happens if I move and I have paid in advance ?

A 2 - If you remain within our cleaning area we move with you otherwise you might like to leave the cleaning credits with the new occupiers as a gesture of kindness or we will refund you in full for any unused cleans minus any fees, discounts and a £6 admin charge per bin.

Q 3 - When you clean my wheelie bin will it make it look like new ?

A 3 - Sorry its hard to say how it will look after we have cleaned it however it will look cleaner and smell better, not to mention whats listed in Question 5.

Q 4 - Do all your cleaning methods meet the guidelines of the Environmental Agency ?

A 4 - All waste water and dirt from inside the bin is contained within the mobile cleaning unit and discharged under license only at our approved outlet by the local authorities in accordance with guidelines set out by our license with the Environment Agency and our Effluent Permit.
Waste carrier license number CBDL98104.

Q 5 - What advantages are there to having my Wheelie Bin cleaned ?

A 5 - Having your wheelie bin cleaned will reduce bacterial build up that causes bad smells and also decrease the risk of pest infestation from rodents, ants and flying insects. The cleaning process also removes fly eggs and maggots and kills upto 99% of all known germs.

Q 6 - What do you do to my wheelie bin ?

A 6 - Our tailor-made wheelie bin cleaning process using 100% biodegradable products, is simple but highly effective. We use hydraulic rams (commercial bins) to lift bins into position and high pressure lances to blast away dirt and grime. All cleaning water from inside the wheelie bin is collected and taken away. Bin exteriors are cleaned, then sprayed with a scented disinfectant and deodorisers inside and out.

Q 7 - Will you dump waste at the road side or leave any litter in my street or outside my neighbours ?

A 7 - All waste water is returned to our purpose made cleaning vehicle and all rubish what was left in your wheelie bin will be bagged and placed back into your wheelie bin after cleaning.

Q 8 - Do I need to be at home when you clean my wheelie bin ?

A 8 - You don't have to be at home when we call just leave the bin where we can find it easily and we will return it to your requested storage location after we have cleaned it.

Q 9 - I forgot to put my wheelie bin out for refuse collection will I get charged for a missed clean ?

A 9 - No you will not be charged as we did not clean your wheelie bin. No more than twice in any 12 month period. We will come back when your wheelie bin is next due to be cleaned unless you contact us in the meantime.

Q 10 - What are your payment methods ?

A 10 - At the moment we accept cash or card payments at the door or card payments on this website via paypal.

Q 11 - When will my wheelie bin get cleaned ?

A 11 - The same day that your wheelie bin is emptied.

Q 12 - Why is your commercial wheelie bin cleaning so cheap compared to other companys ?

A 12 - Since we use a professional designed automated hydraulic ram with our 4500psi cleaning equipment that can lift domestic or commercial wheelie bins into a safe washing position we dont see our commercial customers as a cash cow.

Q 13 - Do I need to have a outside tap or hose to get my wheelie bin cleaned ?

A 13 - No, our wheelie bin cleaning machine carries over 350 litres of wash water. During the bin cleaning process this water is collected, filtered and recycled in the machine keeping water we use to a minimum and the environment safe. This is sufficient to clean wheelie bins for the whole day. At the end of the day the water we have used in the bin cleaning process is discharged at our approved site.

Q 14 - What happens if I am not happy with how clean my wheelie bin is what should I do ?

A 14 - If you are not satisfied, please call us the same day as we cleaned and we will come back and Re-Clean your wheelie bin.

Q 15 - Are you conected to a franchise ?

A 15 - No, we are a family owned business and are not connected to any other company.

Q 16 - What if I clean my bin myself ?

A 16 - If you use bleach or other chemicals to clean your own bin you must not empty the contents to groundwater because you may be killing our local rivers and wildlife. It is also a offence to cause or knowingly permit a water discharge to groundwater activity. If tried and convicted in a Crown Court you could have a unlimited fine and or be sentenced to up to five years imprisonment.

Q 17 - My refuse collector returns my bin to a designated place for me ?

A 17 - We can simply collect and return it to the designated place, just let us know and we will do all we can to make sure all your needs are met.

Q 18 - How often should I need you to clean my wheelie bin ?

A 18 - Domestic clients would find four weekly service sufficient. Some of our commercial clients may need more regular service.

Q 19 - Can you supply commercial bin cleaning services if required during the night or over a weekend ?

A 19 - Yes we can. But this may cost extra.

Q 20 - Do you have Liability Insurance ?

A 20 - Yes we are fully insured with public liability insurance up to £1,000,000.00.

Q 21 - Do you have a lo-cost or a freephone number ?

A 21 - No, we only have 01916456455 and a mobile, We found that most cheap and freephones can cost you more than a real local number or even a mobile. You can find out more at saynoto0870

Q 22 - What Deodorisers do you use ?

A 22 - Due to Covid-19 we have had to limit what deodorisers we are carrying.
We have 10 smells, Wild Lemon, Lime, Floral Bouquet, Mountain Pine, Lavender, Cherry, Peardrops, Peppermint, Bubblegum, Winter Spice.

Q 23 - How do you know we are cleaning the correct wheelie bin ?

A 23 - After we clean the bin the first time we will stick one of our stickers to your bin just under the handle or on each side.

Q 24 - Do you have a VIP Bin Cleaning Service ?

A 24 - No we dont have a V.I.P. Bin Cleaning Service. We like to think all our customers are Very Important People.

Q 25 - Does Rose Clean process credit card information ?

A 25 - We don’t. Instead, we trust our payment integration partners to do the processing for us. However, we still wanted to provide additional reassurance that we’re doing the most we possibly can to ensure safe, secure payments. And because so many users take advantage of our payment integration, it was a necessary step to achieve the next level of security certification. (PayPal Business Integration) or (Stripe Integration)